6.882 Embodied Intelligence

Spring 2020

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This schedule is preliminary and subject to change as the term evolves.

Date Topics Course Materials Assignments
Week 1: Cognitive architectures and paradigms
Tues 2/4/2019 Domains, agent architecture, factory/wild Russell & Norvig slides
Thurs 2/6/2019 Classic papers Assigned readings:
Shakey (video) (optional: Technical Report)
Brooks, Flynn: Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control
Sutton: Dyna
Assignment #1
Week 2: The problem of long-term decision making
Tues 2/11/2019 Deterministic domains: pddl planning, IW(k), power of heuristics, factoring Assigned readings:
Bonet & Geffner: HSP
Lipovetsky & Geffner: IW(k)

Bandres, Bonet & Geffner: Planning with Pixels
Assignment #2
Thurs 2/13/2019 Future-state uncertainty: value iteration, mcts, MPC / replanning Assigned readings:
Kocsis & Szepesvari: Bandit-based Monte-Carlo Planning
Yoon, Fern & Givan: FF-Replan: A Baseline for Probabilistic Planning
Riedmiller: Neural Fitted Q Iteration
Assignment #3
Week 3: The problem of continuous action spaces
Thurs 2/20/2019 Motion planning, optimization Assigned readings:
Kuffner & LaValle: RRT-Connect (animations)
Mordatch et al.: Contact-Invariant Optimization (video and video)
Assignment #4
Week 4: The problem of situation awareness
Tues 2/25/2019 Perception as state estimation, object-oriented perception Assigned readings:
Dense Object Nets
Object-Oriented Prediction and Planning

Optional: The feeling of success
Assignment #5
Thurs 2/27/2019 Sensory representation learning Assigned readings:
Large Scale Unsupervised Learning (cat face paper)
Contrastive Predictive Coding

Optional: Contrastive Multiview Coding
Assignment #6
Week 5: The problem of partial observability
Tues 3/3/2019 POMDPs: search and policies Assigned readings:
POMDP Tutorial
Belief-space Planning
Assignment #7
Thurs 3/5/2019 POMDPs: Learning Assigned readings:
RL in Robotics: A Survey (just review sections 2.2.2 and 2.3)
Solving Deep Memory POMDPs
Deep Recurrent Q-Learning for POMDPs
Assignment #8
Week 6: The problem of learning for long horizons
Tues 3/10/2019 Exploration, novelty search / curiosity, intrinsic motivation Assigned readings:
Curiosity-Driven Exploration
Assignment #9
Thurs 3/12/2019 HRL Assigned readings:
Feudal RL
Assignment #10
Week 7: classes canceled
Thurs 3/26/2019 Project Assignment:
Project handout (updated)
Week 8: The problem of very little data
Tues 3/31/2019 Model-based intelligence Assigned readings:
Visual Foresight for Robotic Control
World Models

Optional: Building Machines That Learn and Think Like People (read Section 4, skim rest)
Assignment #11
Thurs 4/2/2019 Meta-learning Assigned readings:
Modular Meta-Learning

Optional: RL^2
Assignment #12
Week 9: The problem of nonstationarity
Tues 4/7/2019 Methodology Assigned readings:
Deep RL that Matters
Assessing Generalization in Deep RL

Optional: Machine Learning that Matters
Final project proposal due
Assignment #13
Thurs 4/9/2019 Cooperative Multiagent RL Assigned readings:
Learning to Communicate with Deep MARL

Optional background: Comprehensive survey of MARL
Assignment #14
Week 10: The problem of adversaries
Tues 4/14/2019 Adversaries/Self-play Assigned readings:
Markov games

Optional: AlphaZero
Assignment #15
Thurs 4/16/2019 Artificial life Assigned readings:
Karl Sims (evolving by competition) (video) (Optional: see also Karl Sims' prior paper on evolving agents without explicit competition)
Hide and Seek (video)
Assignment #16
Week 11: Concrete problems I
Tues 4/21/2019 A general-purpose robot hand Assigned Reading:
Learning Dexterous In-Hand Manipulation

Optional: The follow-up paper on solving a Rubick's Cube
Thurs 4/23/2019 AI safety and social consequences Assigned Reading:
Self-Driving Cars and Engineering Ethics: The Need for a System Level Analysis
(pdf will be posted on Piazza if you can't access this site)
Week 12: Project milestone presentations
Tues 4/28/2019 Project milestone presentations
Thurs 4/30/2019 Project milestone presentations
Week 13: Work on projects, no class meetings
Week 14: Final project presentations
Tues 5/12/2019 Final project presentations Final project due